"International Institute For Research"

International Institute for Research is a scientific, academic and non-profit organization. It is formed by group of highly qualified scientists, engineers, mathematicians, economist and research associates. Objective of this non-profit organization is to provide proper valuable information to the researchers. International Institute for Research maintains database for academic database for journals. This covers thousands of academic documents such as journals, thesis, books or any other accepted document by authorized entity. International Institute for Research tries to help researchers to classify the impact factor of the journal. International Institute for Research publishes yearly report which contain impact factor of the each tracked journals.

Impact factor is very helpful attribute for the researchers while publishing the research. List of tracked journals includes in area of Accountings, Arts, Bio-medical, Biology, Business, Commerce, Corporate Governance, Clinical Research, Designing, Economics, Education, Engineering, Finance, Financial Accounting, Fine Art, Geography, History, Home Science, Human Resource, Intellectual Property Rights, Industrial Laws, Information Technology, Journalism, Literature, Management, Marketing, Management Accounting, Medical Science, Organization Behaviour, Organizational Psychology, Philosophy, Pharmaceutical Science, Political Science, Rural India, Statistics, Science, Social Sciences, etc.

International Institute for Research continuously monitoring the journals for the impact factor and provides updated and distinguished impact factor of the each tracked journals.

Notice Board

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